Agric Bus Stop. Ikorodu Road. Lagos. by Night

On this particular Sunday, Larry’s jovial face was pale and expressionless, his eyes pierced into that of the Judge.

Silence brewed in the courtroom and after hours of deliberation, the Judge passed his verdict, “Senator Ken, for your crimes, you are hereby sentenced to three years’ imprisonment without parole”

Larry felt an unease in his seat, his head fuming with anger, he stood up, “My Lord, this man raped and disfigured my daughter, what he deserves is death!”

The Judge ignored him, his relatives consoled themselves.

The verdict was final but there was an uproar in the room.

Larry approached his seat, he reached for a concealed pistol and pulled the trigger.

He shot the Judge, the Senator, then himself.

The courtroom was immediately thrown into pandemonium.

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