Okada at Mobolaji Bank Way. Lagos
this life we get na one – anonymous

From Haojue, Bajaj, Yamaha to Honda. Motorcycles are everywhere in Lasgidi (Lagos State) except where banned.

They are sometimes the first option, the last resort and evidently, the fastest way to get anywhere as traffic jams occur.

Don’t be fooled by the two-wheelers, their riders are stuntmen.

Simply put, many of them are out of this world.

Let’s begin.

1. It’s a gang

You can hardly mess with any of them, it’s never easy whether they are on the offense or not.

If there’s any mishap, other okada riders will converge at the scene to settle disputes.

Here’s a story, a rider was reckless and hit a G-Wagon in the process. He was bragging but as soon as the vehicle owner alighted, he laid flat on the ground pleading for mercy. The aggrieved man instructed his driver to lock the rider’s motorcycle in the jeep.

This single act escalated the issue, it was true that the price of selling the bike could not fix the rear lamp but other riders swarmed the area in defense of their folk.

When the man realised the mess and brewing traffic congestion, he continued his journey.

Okada Park at Ikorodu
Okada Riders awaiting commuters in Ikorodu

2. Breaking the law is their number-one priority

One-ways, riding without helmets, excessive speeding, utilizing BRT lanes are some infractions the riders get on a daily basis.

Okada rider taking one-way
The “one-way” offender

3. They are everywhere

Although okadas are banned from many highways across Lagos State, they can be used to access remote areas.

They will cover long distances and will surely reach your destination (good fuel economy)

Okada- Accessibility to Rural areas
Okada- Your Accessibility to Rural areas

NB: Not all motorcycles are banned from highways, okadas do not possess 200cc engine and this is why their coverage is restricted.

Motorcycle Restriction
Motorcycle Restriction (200cc)

4. These ones listen

Riding rough is their way of life, an okada rider will see road users including other riders as competitors. He’ll ride like there’s a reward waiting for him at the other end even with children or pregnant women!

Okada on Oba-Akran way, Ikeja, Lagos
Okada on Oba-Akran way, Ikeja.

In most cases, the motorcyclists make life threatening decisions while conveying passengers, it’s up to you to decide how comfortable your journey will be and that is a good side to them.

Once properly cautioned, they’ll listen and in most cases exercise patience.


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