The Commercial Bus Experience
“better safe than sorry” – anonymous

This may seem hilarious or funny, I want you to know that everything written here is nothing but the truth.

Before I begin heed to this warning, irrespective of the circumstances avoid night journeys.

If you can’t travel interstate before noon (depending on location and distance) wait for the next day.

Lessons learnt from my voyage (Osun to Lagos).

1. The drivers are actually deaf

Forget what I said concerning danfo drivers in my previous post, these guys are the real deal.

When the bus halted to pick more passengers everyone thought it would be a peaceful journey.

It’s just Lagos here

We commenced and warnings poured endlessly, “uncle, please small small, daddy please”

I wanted to sleep, I could not.

There’s basically no road regulation the driver didn’t break from reckless manoeuvres, over speeding, overtaking on the wrong side etc.

To make matters worse, the headlamps of the vehicle were faulty, we landed in every pothole before we knew it was there.

At a point, a lady threatened the driver, his reply was if his driving wasn’t good enough for her she should alight the bus.

It was war, immediately we reached Ibadan, more than half of the passengers dismounted and wished me farewell.

Transportation on Lagos Ibadan Expressway
Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

2. The buses are rickety

Obviously this cannot be the case for all the buses, a large percentage of them are.

The doors of the vehicle hardly closed, the engine oil had to be changed twice and the scariest of all, at intervals the driver used a wooden plank to hit the bolts on a rear wheel after covering a certain distance.

The bolts on the rear wheel were loose, I’m lucky to be alive.

3. They are really fast

You see, this is the problem, there are numerous disadvantages but I won’t lie to you they are really fast.

I arrived Lagos in record time, it was amazing.

Still, arrogance kills and life should be first.

Avoid night journeys.


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