hawking is a primary hustle in the megacity
hawking is a primary hustle in the megacity

The land is no respecter of persons and its terrain to commercial success is rough.

Florence recently divorced her husband, marital scandals that stemmed from infidelity and adultery prompted her to push for this.

In a way, that action plunged her into the arms of poverty. The man gave her and the children nothing! nevertheless she migrated to Lagos State in search of greener pastures.

Barely two months in the city and things were barely as she imagined, the centre of excellence didn’t care for the divorcee.

Florence made a decision and with no one to turn to she started hawking goods on highways. On days she had money she hawked food and if she didn’t it would be snacks.

Every morning after preparing her children for school, she carried her pan on the streets of Lagos chanting songs to attract road users. Life became hard.

Surprisingly, Florence always wore a beautiful smile, she pushed forward and remained a strong woman. In her mind was a glimpse of a brighter future, a vision perhaps, if not hers, her children.

What else could she hope for?

Each day, she anticipated more success, in her own words that kept her going.

Years passed and light shone on the path of Florence, her children graduated from the university and ended up becoming reputable entities in the society.

The family recently flew to Dubai for a vacation.

Perhaps Lasgidi loved her persistence.

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