Residential Developments in Ikeja GRA - Copy
Residential Developments in Ikeja GRA, Lagos State

Michael had a very successful run in his career, he migrated to Lagos as a youth to pursue a dream in petroleum exploration, the decision easily made him a wealthy and prosperous man.

As an octogenarian, he was pleased with his accomplishments in earlier years. His house, an edifice in fact, swallowed huge figures before it stood.

Unfortunately, Michael recently noticed that the compound was prone to flooding any time it rained heavily, this challenge brought discomfort to a man in his latter days.

The east side of the fence in particular was nearly collapsing because of the stagnant water that lingered for days and sometimes weeks.

He subsequently contacted an architect regarding this issue and was told the fastest solution would be implementation of weep holes on the affected fence. The excess water would be channelled through the adjoining gutter to the major drainage.

For this to be done, Michael had to consult his neighbour, Chief Okoro, their relationship has been abrasive over the years.

After a lengthy discussion the Chief reached a conclusion, “I have heard all you have said but *mbanu, it is against my tradition to encroach on another man’s land, I and my father suffered before we acquired this property to build this mansion, it is family, I’m sorry”

This reply saddened Michael more, he sought other alternatives.

Two weeks passed and rain came pouring, the fence gave in, it collapsed into Chief Okoro’s compound barely missing his Mercedes Benz GLE.

At 6:00am the next day there was a knock on the octogenarian’s gate.

It was the Chief in the flesh, “How can we solve this flooding issue?”, he said.

Michael jeered at him then shut the door.

Chief Okoro remained outside with beads of perspiration pouring from his forehead, he was perplexed not sure of what to do next.

*mbanu means no or never in Igbo language.

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