__Lagos Country Club
Lagos Country Club

Hey there!

Are you looking for a convenient sports hub or the perfect venue to host your guests for an event?

Choose Lagos Country Club today, it is an impeccable venue with the right mix.

Did that sound off, you be the judge. I’m not quite sure I could be your flawless “advertising guy”.

Take two, in the middle of the hustling and bustling Megacity lives no sports hub more prominent than Lagos Country Club, its very name conjures visions of luxury and recreation. It is mostly surrounded by the rich-class in a suitable setting.

The Club has over the years grown to be considered as one of the best communal, recreational and sporting clubs in Nigeria.

Note: A few structures within the complex, the gate house especially have been renovated since photographs were taken.

__Lagos Country Club Logo
Lagos Country Club Logo

Here’s the deal:

As a kid I visited Lagos Country Club for a friend’s wedding reception, that particular occasion rekindles lovely memories. In recent times, I have been there for diverse reasons be it architecture design case study, sightseeing etc. Through recollection, I have no doubt that both experiences have been unique, the club founded 3rd August 1949 has reasonably evolved.

__Lagos country club in the distance (Mobolaji Bank way)
Lagos Country Club in the distance (Mobolaji Bank way)

This social space has seen many significant changes, its original site was the hanger of the Royal Air Force by the West African Airways Corporation (presently Nigeria Airways) owned by Anglophone West African Countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia. It moved from the hanger to a second site sharing its boundaries with the Grange School and John Holt Supermarket at the Air Traffic Section of Wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport. The club on 18th May 1963 moved to its present site covering more than 5 acres. It is situated at 2, Joel Ogunnaike Street, Off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

__Lagos Country Club Main entrance (Gate House renovation 2018)
Main Entrance (Gate House renovation: 2018)

Architecture and Planning both play important roles in the accessibility of Lagos Country Club, its location makes it easy to pinpoint from the road and viable offset from the access road prevent motorists from plunging head-on into traffic, there’s proper pedestrian and vehicular circulation and ample parking spaces, the facility also has a good mix use of hard and soft landscaping.

__LCC ample parking spaces
ample parking spaces

The concrete grandstand for tennis courts is an edifice and a recently renovated gate house adds a bit of colonialism altogether. It is also disable-friendly.

__LCC hard and soft landscaping
hard and soft landscaping

Membership in this club would be really good for networking. There are over 2000 active members with membership cutting across nationalities, tribes and multi-cultures. Members of Lagos Country Club have an opportunity to become affiliate members to Affiliate Clubs, they also enjoy discounts at service shops and marts.

__LCC Lawn tennis court and grandstand
Lawn Tennis court and Grandstand

Induction of new members is celebrated in the months of May and November, they become accustomed to various sections and places within the club by touring the premises.

The Club is divided based on sports and games into Sections, this makes it easier for users to interact with facilities. The sections are: Main Bar & Snooker, Billiards Section, Darts, Lawn Tennis, Badminton Section, Table Tennis Section, Squash Section, Swimming Section, Scrabble Section, Taekwondo/Aerobics Section and Indoor Games Section. There’s also a gymnasium (Paslim Gym), bar and restaurant.

Photo Essay

__LCC Welcome to the Tennis section
Welcome to the Tennis Section

__LCC Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

__LCC TaekwondoAerobics Section
Taekwondo/Aerobics Section

__LCC Children playground
Children Playground

__LCC Soccer turf
Soccer Turf

__LCC Badminton Section
Badminton Section

__LCC Bar

__LCC Paslim Gym
Paslim Gym

Asides been equipped with sporting facilities, a grandstand, soccer turf, a dazzling swimming pool and an eccentric landscape. The multi-purpose hall for events delivers on being a decent venue for social interaction, positive remarks don’t lie.

__LCC multipurpose hall
Multi-purpose Hall

Events such as naming ceremonies, birthdays, get-together, parties, seminars, office meetings and wedding receptions are welcomed by the club. The conducive and hospitable environment is managed by competent staff.

Lagos Country Club has achieved modest developments in various spheres since inception. The foremost family club has its prestigious status brewed from years of resilient hard work and consistency. It is an exciting place for sports, interaction and social gatherings.

__LCC The Family Club
Lagos Country Club – The Family Club

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  1. This is great!
    I really wish we can hang out when you are around in Lagos!
    Beautiful always!

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    1. No problem bro.
      I’ll prompt you when I’m in town or you can reach me on Instagram @ericotrips


  2. Adesokan Adekola says:

    I am very inspired by your blog and travelling experiences, I actually love travelling and it’s very nice to see someone who expresses their thoughts

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    1. Thanks Kola.
      I am honoured by your kind words.


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