food is any substance that is consumed by living organisms

Travelling is always fun when you encounter new things, this form of exploration whether rural or urban cannot be complete without food – lifeline of the human race.

the world is full of good food

In Nigeria, not only fruits, delicacies and cuisines are pollinated everywhere, even roadsides. These cheap meals are highly desirable and delicious, you should always add them to your travel plans.

For the full experience, patronize the hawkers (vendors) entreating you to sample edibles.

vendors display comestibles

You don’t need to speak the language or know your way around to get out of your comfort zone and explore a country blessed with abundant food.

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Welcome to Nigeria where you’ve got to try the food.

1. African Walnuts

The African walnut is a round black-shelled nut, it is known by many names across Nigeria such as ausa or asala and ukpa, when cracked, a whitish nut is revealed. The nut is crunchy and has a pleasant taste but be warned, never drink water after eating the nuts, it’ll leave a bitter sensation.

shock your taste buds and open your mind

African walnuts have numerous health benefits when in season they include, improving immune system function, reducing the risk of diabetes, regulating and preventing heart related diseases.

The mouth-busy delicacy is usually sold in 5s or less, sometimes more. It is a rich source of vitamins. It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant and vitamin B7 for weight control.

Fun Fact: African walnuts can help cure cancer, sort of. In parts of China, it is used to enhance kidneys, stop asthma and cure constipation.

2. Butter Bread

In South-West, Nigeria it is not uncommon to see sweet butter bread by roadsides. Excited company of vendors will gather around vehicles enticing the occupants with their goods.

Butter Bread

A large butter bread costs just N250 and contain antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin E prevent hardening of arteries which can lead to heart disease. Preparation takes approximately 15 minutes and it can be homemade.

The end result is a soft snack food which has incredible flavour and fibres to keep your bowels healthy. It can be made in a bread machine with a handful of ingredients.

The delicious butter bread ingredients will excite your taste buds they include, Buttermilk, Melted Butter, Bread Flour, Baking Powder, Dry Yeast, Sugar, Salt, All-purpose Flour, Egg, Warm Milk and Warm Water.

For easy recipe and procedure, see kitchenbowl.

3. Boli

This “charred” snack is also called Bole, it is popular across Nigeria.Boli is made from ripe or unripe plantain, they are priced between N50 – N100. The yummy snack is usually grilled on hot coals of charcoal by roadsides, roasted plantain has a somewhat appealing outlook, it is best taken with stew and fried fish, grilled fish, pepper sauce, red oil or groundnuts.

a teenage girl grilling bole

Benefits of the reliable source of starch and energy include, enhancing skin complexion, healthy bowels, reduction of constipation and sugar levels. There are arguments that Boli is not hygienic enough due to its method of preparation and environmental conditions, traders sometimes handle the meal and charcoal with bare hands!

Fun Fact: Boli is one of the cheapest foods in Nigeria.

4. Roasted Corn

This roadside meal is best served with coconut or pear. It is grilled just like Boli and can also be boiled (whatever you prefer)

The fresh delicacy is sold in a pick-your-own fashion. Roasted corn is eaten off the cob, it is soft and succulent or hard. During preparation, the handpicked corn from the farm is husked and roasted on the same day for desirable taste.

Roasted corn aids weight loss, cures digestive ailments, protects your teeth and promotes eye health. The good source of antioxidant is one of the most popular cereal grains in Nigeria.

Fun Fact: Corn can get rid of a cough. Visit hivisasa for complete nutrition data.

5. Dodo Ikire

Dodo Ikire is a prominent snack in South-West, Nigeria. Osun to be precise, it is normally sold at the border of the state, close to Ikire.

dodo ikire

I recently played a game with my friends via WhatsApp, I asked them to guess its name, surprisingly, a lot of them got it right.

Dodo Ikire is a symbol in the land of virtue and living spring, its ingredients are over-ripe plantains, pepper, oil and salt. The traditional delicacy is made by deep frying plantain with pepper seeds. It is very tasty and nourishing.

Dodo Ikire is black, it is always round or conical in shape.

The Legend of Dodo Ikire

A long time ago in the south western area of Nigeria, lived a poor old lady from a town called Ikire. The town was situated between the cities of Ibadan and Ile Ife. The old lady had no food except over-ripe plantains and she decided to experiment with the plantains which she would have normally thrown away.

She mashed them up with some salt and pepper and deep fried in palm oil. After a while, she ate the meal, enjoyed it then shared with neighbours and Dodo Ikire was born!

Fun Fact: Dodo Ikire is named after the town it originated from.

Do you agree or disagree with my rankings or think I missed any Nigeria roadside snack? (there’s a bunch of them)

Comment below.

Have a great day and don’t forget to share.

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