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This is not my usual travel experience post, I actually wanted to discuss the pros and cons of Okada but I’ve written content quite similar to that (twice).

Having said this, I’ll be telling you about a day I had a few weeks ago while returning from a *CDS meeting.

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If I remember vividly it was a Wednesday and after the meeting, I opted for an Okada even when a Korope would have been cheaper (half the price).

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I’m sitting on the commercial motorcycle enjoying cool breeze lashing against my face when suddenly, a journey less than 15 minutes abruptly comes to an end. I had no idea what was about to hit me next, Nigeria Mass Transit Systems still continues to disappoint (read my previous travel experiences).

Daily Commuters at Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos

I was so close to my home when the bike started jerking. At first, I thought the unpleasant movement was a gear change but the engine finally quit and we pulled over.

I alighted the motorcycle without any struggle like I usually do, the rider then did some inspection and concluded the tank was empty! He started complaining of no prior signs in a very funny manner.

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In an effort to circulate reserved fuel, the motorcyclist blew air from his mouth into the fuel tank and inclined the bike. He tried to start the vehicle but it didn’t click, that’s when I estimated how far I was from home, it was within trekking distance.

Okada in a Flash

Few minutes later, I paid the fare and decided I’ll be finishing on foot then he made a hilarious comment, “oga, no worry I go finish your work“. By work, he meant journey. I was going to get value for my money after all.

Guess what?! A few more tries and the engine revved back to life, I got on and arrived home shortly so happy that my legs didn’t “hike” that early morning.

The Supreme League of Okada, Osogbo

Riders! Please be attentive and take maintenance of your bikes seriously. He should have refueled only if the gauge was operational, who knows.

Again, can I really blame him, most of these guys only trust their heads, they have faulty gauges and don’t care to fix it at all.

The Big Question.

So what’s the difference between Fuel Tanks and Gauges?

In this context, it’s pretty obvious there’s no difference.

Fuel Gauges depict the level or amount of Fuel left in the Tank. The two of them work together, one represents the other and vice versa. Hopefully, that makes perfect sense.

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Government House, Osogbo, Osun state

Over to you!

Have you ever been stranded on an empty tank while commuting?

Please share in the comments below. I’ll like to hear from you.

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*CDS – Community Development Service

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