Before we get seriously underway, there are two basic questions I want you to consider.

Firstly, Have you ever visited any beach in Lagos?
Secondly: What was your experience like and will you be visiting again?

Your answer to these questions can be submitted in the comment section.

In this SUPER COLLABORATIVE writeup, my beautiful friend, Favour shares her Lagos itinerary. She journeyed to the city of excellence for a 7-Day time out and during her stay she visited a shopping mall (ICM), computer village, hotels, restaurants and ONIRU PRIVATE BEACH.

Oniru Private Beach is one of the popular island hotspots in Lagos. The beautiful oasis is heavily patronised by locals and foreigners and it offers a balanced mix of music, food and gorgeous scenery.

The Beach is a resort owned by the great Oniru Royal Family and it entertains tens of thousands every week with Sundays being the best days.


Arriving Oniru Beach at exactly 3pm, my friend and I paid the sum of 1,000 Naira each and it cost 200 Naira for the car park.

On entry, we were surrounded by vendors as melodious naija songs filled the air. Honestly, I advise that you get a sourvenir from one of them, it will serve as a good reminder of your visit.

Art pieces include paintings, miniatures, jewelries, beadwork, wood carvings or other crafts.

Buy your local beads here. Source – bobdeephoto

The beach officials are very friendly and visitors are permitted to bring food or snacks in case they don’t want to spend any cash because things can be a bit pricey.

If the regular 150 Naira Coca Cola bottle cost 500 Naira, you can only imagine how expensive other drinks will be.

After a sensational experience, my friend and I headed home. The return trip to Oworoshoki was delightful because there was no traffic and Taxify came to our rescue.


Here’s a genuine list of amazing things anyone can try at Oniru Private Beach.


Hiya! Source – hotels.ng

Also known as horse riding, this is one of my favourite beach activities.

It’s exciting to gallop around the coarse sand as the ocean breeze hits you and your hair sways from left to right. If you’re man or woman enough, test yourself on any of the horses.

Safety Tip: It’s advisable to ride alongside a guide if you have no experience with riding horses.


Hear The Swoosh?…

Water sports can be fun-filled and very relaxing at the same time. Although, they are extreme, it’s important you never shy away from such thrills.

Some water sports at Oniru Private Beach are swimming, jet skiing, kite surfing, wind surfing, para-sailing, skim boarding and speed boating. You can practice them every weekend until you become a pro.


Safety Tip: Avoid the beach during rainy season because sea level rises and overflows its banks.

Kite Surfing. Source – thrillspire

While wandering around the beach anticipating fun activities, it’s important to be careful. Although they were life jackets lying around, I didn’t notice any life guards. Also, a section of the beach was barricaded with huge boulders and I think they were meant for flooding, crowd control or boundaries. I’m not sure which.

In summary, whether it’s for leisure or competition make sure you participate in any of the action-packed water sports events.

#3. FOOD!

Oniru is garnished with a variety of finger licking delicacies. They are mostly sold at tuck shops, food kiosks, joints, pubs, outlets and restaurants.

Fun Fact: It is very likely that you run into Nigerian celebrities when purchasing food in any of the outlets.

Some tasty food items include Asun (assorted goat meat), Suya, Isiewu or Nkwobi (check archives), Peppersoup, Chicken Wings and Chips, Fish and Chips and Indomie.

Spicy Asun. Source – nomadicnegro

Edibles can be combined with hard or soft beverages sold at the beach, like I said earlier, if you’d prefer a “personal touch” bring your victuals in for a picnic with friends and family.


The top island destination is furnished with a mini ferris wheel which isn’t restricted to only kids, it sits 18 persons at a single ride and it should satisfy your urge for amusement.

Make sure you try it!


Get your phone and camera ready because it’s picture time #pepperdem

Oniru Beach is picture perfect and yes! The beautiful scenery is good for your Facebook and Instagram feed.

Photography 101. Source – bobdeephoto

Fun Fact: Oniru Private Beach is a few kilometres from great photography props such as Zenith Bank Headquarters, Chocolat Royal Ice Cream, Landmark Center, Hardrock Cafe, Four Points By Sheraton Hotel, Oriental Hotel and many other landmarks in Lagos.

Hard Rock Cafe. Source – TripAdvisor

If you want pictures for a photoshoot then Oniru is worth a shot, allow the picturesque view over white sand and the Atlantic ocean be your canvas.


I randomly asked some ladies if they would accept Beach Proposals and their response was an astounding yes!

Beach proposals are romantic and if you’ve found the one, I believe it’s not a bad idea to pop the question at Oniru Private Beach.

You can choose a private area of the beach if public proposals don’t tickle your fancy.

Love on the Beach


While enjoying the ocean view, have a drink, gist, read a book, write a journal, paint or daydream. Do whatever suits your style and don’t forget to grab a chair or spread a mat for a full blown relaxation process.

Oyinbo chilling at Oniru Private Beach

Dress Tip: It’s a beach not an art gallery
or museum, dress simple and wear a comfortable outfit.

In the distant horizon, you can easily identify the residential highrise building – Eko Pearl Towers of Eko Atlantic City, it comprises of 5 towers; White Pearl Tower, Black Pearl Tower, Indigo Pearl Tower, Champagne Pearl Tower and Aqua Pearl Tower.

Exercise caution while at the beach, always dispose your trash in a plastic bag if they’re no litter bins around because garbage is harmful to aquatic life and it tarnishes the public image of Oniru Private Beach.

Jump Rope! Source – bobdeephoto

kids building a sand castle. Source – bobdeephoto

Bored? You can take a walk along the sandy sea shores while watching people busy with jump rope, beach soccer, volleyball, sand castles and kites.

I promise Oniru Private Beach is an exceptionally great location for fun seekers. Make sure you visit soon.

Favour Bob-Manuel is a major contributor on ericotrips, her trip to Lagos first debuted here. She is an enthusiastic person, a lover of children and aspires to be a catalogue model. She is from Rivers State, Kalabari tribe.

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Favour had a splendid time in Lagos state and hope’s to visit soon.


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