Dear all, Welcome to Tarkwa Bay!

In the course of a recent trip to Marina/CMS, my friends planned a visit to one of the most popular beaches in Lagos, Tarkwa Bay is an island that is only accessible by boats and I have to admit, it is a perfect escape from the thriving megacity.

Hey! It’s barely one week since my last “beach post”. I guess I’m still on shoreline matters because I got really positive feedback from my writeup on Oniru Private Beach.

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In this SUPER COLLABORATIVE writeup, not one but three of my amazing friends, Robinson, Fortune
and Victor share their getaway to Tarkwa Bay. The group visited on a quiet Wednesday and although the beach was virtually empty, they had a great time without the usual crowd.

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A few months back, Robinson suggested to the duo (Fortune and Victor) about visiting Tarkwa Bay. It was going to be their first time at the island and after discussing plans for weeks, a date was picked.

On the D-day, the squad shared milkshakes at Spurs then toured Jakande Tinubu and Ndubuisi Kanu Parks in Ikeja, Lagos. The two facilities were well organised with unique attributes.

Further down the line, they made a brief stop at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) for some enquiries in the medical profession, Victor’s preferred choice of study.


Sometimes around 14:00 hours, my friends headed to Tarkwa Bay with the famous UBER. It cost about 3,500 Naira for the trip and it was a joyride indeed, they all made jokes and laughed along the way.

UBER or Nothing

Few minutes into the journey, Robinson made enquiries on how to locate the beach from the UBER driver and she was kind enough to provide helpful information. The lady advised that they board a speedboat or banana boat from any of the popular Lagos harbours.

The boat services are situated at Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine and a journey to Tarkwa Bay would take 20 minutes or less.

After a few calls, Robinson and the gang agreed to try the Marina harbour nearby Church of Christ Cathedral, the boat ride was quite affordable. Tickets cost 300 Naira per person and passengers were all given life jackets (safety measures)


“I’m never trying this ‘boatish’ again! Naija boats no go kill pesin…”, Robinson said, “The trip was quite enjoyable and scary at the same time, it takes one with a heart to embark on such objective.”

Cruising thru the Atlantic

Surprisingly, the breathtaking boat ride barely bothered Victor, he was the official photographer and videographer of the whole experience while Fortune remained photo ready.

The climax of the ride was when the boat suddenly stopped midway on the ocean and all jokes instantly turned sour. Unlike Robinson, Victor had a good swimming history, he calculated the nearest safe point just in case he had to jump off, it was his first time on a boat.

Mixed feelings engulfed the air but Thank God! They arrived the Bay in one piece. When asked to comment, Fortune simply said, “our visit was superficial.”


“Tarkwa Bay is fun especially the boat cruise” – Robinson

“I think we came on the wrong day?”, Victor pointed out. The Beach was empty because it was on a weekday, it boasts of surplus visitors on weekends.

Obviously, if you dislike crowded locations visiting Tarkwa Bay during a weekday is your best choice. Also, avoid peak seasons like festivals, holidays or events.

The entrance fee will set you back at a little fee of 200 Naira. Chairs cost 300 Naira each, tables are priced at 100 Naira each and tents go for 300 Naira only.

2H. Source – sassyfunke

Budget wise, 1,500 Naira is enough to treat yourself and friends to a fun time on the island but that’s if you’re not spending the night, lodges are valued at around 7,500 Naira up to 45,000 Naira.


Tarkwa Bay is prominent on the minds of regular visitors because it offers them privacy. Spending time at the beach is assuredly a memorable experience particularly the boat ride, the boats operate on an hourly basis and they have to be off the water ways by 18:00 hours.

Tip: Visiting between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00 will be when you’ll best get the value of your money.

Here’s a basic checklist of fun activities.


The fine sand is much more comfortable to walk on than the sharp sand of many other Lagos beaches. It’s very soothing and relaxing at the same time.

Fun Fact: Tarkwa Bay is an artificial beach created during the construction of the Lagos Harbour.

Shorelines of Tarkwa Bay. Source – hotels.ng

Since you’re far from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, it seems right to wander around coarse white sand in a moment of carefreeness. Have a conversation or share a drink with the hospitable locals. They can be friends too.


Ask Victor, he knows best. Tarkwa Bay is blessed with a picturesque environment. Whether you choose to document your boat trip, take selfies or photographs of the ocean, locals and visitors, you got it all in one place.

Emperor Fortune

For a full experience, you’ll want your phone, camera and drone to be fully charged or come with a backup battery.

The incredible scenery is around every single corner, everything on Tarkwa Bay is picture-worthy. [READ: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY]


There’s a barbecue joint, fastfood, suya and fish outlet and a pub. A variety of fruits such as pineapples, coconuts, oranges and many more are available for munching. Tarkwa Bay is that one destination for great culinary memories.

Suya. Source – sisijemimah


Enjoy the electric display of the ocean waves lashing against ancient rock formations. Also, amazing views of popular hotspots such as the Eko Atlantic City, Lagos Yatch Club, Lagos harbour and Radisson Blu Hotel are up in the horizon.

Occasionally, you can identify ocean vessels or speedboats conveying visitors while bathing under the African sun.

Fun Fact: Tarkwa bay has been in existence since the 1960s.

Sunset at beautiful Tarkwa Bay. Source – sassyfunke

Make sure you have access to a chair, table and umbrella. Better still, rent a tent if you’re with family or friends.


The Tarkwa Bay Island affords one of easy access to recreational beach activities. It is a preferred choice for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts in Lagos. However, bring your own equipments, not all of them are available for rental.


Surfing Experience at Tarkwa Bay. Source – hotels.ng

It is possible to swim or surf in a corner of the Bay (if you’re not a pro, sign up for 1 hour surfing lessons) and enjoy other water sports such as Jet Skiing and Water Skiing.


Robinson and Victor are presently students of Afe Babalola Univeristy (ABUAD). They have been friends since High School and while Robinson successfully served as a President of ABUAD’s Student Representative Council, Victor ventured into business. Apex Stores is a platform that deals in stylish menswear.

Lasgidi Frontiers

Fortune who had the same High School background with his friends, agreed to the Tarkwa Bay getaway and just like Victor, he deals in Men fashion accessories – Regal Enterprise is a wristwatch company that merchants authentic brands ranging from D&G, Casio, Michael Kors, Chanel etc. As a petroleum engineering student, he had his recent internship at a renowned oil and gas firm.

Did you know?! I attended the same High School with the squad. That’s six years with these best buddies and I really appreciate the opportunity to share their unique travel experience.

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☆Robinson – @robinsonebunu
☆Victor – @vonto_jupsy
☆Fortune – @jus_fortune


Tarkwa Bay is one of the best public beaches in Lagos. That said, the relaxing oasis doesn’t always make it to the checklist of vacationers exploring the city. This could be because of its proximity from the Island.

Waves Up. Source – lonelyplanet

In real sense, you will be missing out of unending excitement and thrills by omitting this attraction from your centre of excellence itinerary.

Now, over to you!
Have you been to Tarkwa Bay? Let me know in the comments below!

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