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It’s HOLIDAY SEASON and I’m absolutely sure you’ll be thinking of vacation soon, if you reside in Lagos count yourself lucky because the mega-city is home to numerous attractions such as art galleries, museums, hotels, national monuments, sport centres, conservation parks and beaches.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Tarkwa Bay is an exciting place to relax, surf, play games and ride quad bikes, they are available to explore the island. [READ: A LIVELY JOURNEY TO TARKWA BAY WITH FRIENDS]

In other news, watch this short documentary on Life at Tarkwa Bay. The film tells the survival story of Tarkwa Bay’s residents, particularly women. It was produced by Kiki Mordi and filmed by Nora Awolowo.

Life at the Bay

In this SUPER COLLABORATIVE writeup, my longtime pal, Michael discusses his visit to Tarkwa Bay. Although he has an unpopular opinion about the beach, it remains a vacationers paradise to date.


Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the small islands located along the Atlantic coast, it is sited several kilometres from the coastal city of Lagos and it is only accessible by boat.

This ideal destination is situated on Tarkwa Island, Tarkwa Bay, Lagos state, Nigeria. It is perfect for fun seekers and tourists looking for a means to escape the stress of Lagos.


A couple of weeks ago, Michael and his friends arrived the Bay on a sunny afternoon. The island is home to locals who are predominantly fishermen, also, visitors are a means of income for them. He recounts that the boat ride was really scary.

From Marina, they paid the sum of 300 Naira each for the speedboat ride and it was all cheers until the boat stopped again [READ ABOUT THE FIRST TIME HERE] at the middle of the Atlantic.

Safety Tip: The boats operate from 9am to 6pm daily and have an hourly schedule on weekends.

The group had to ride in two speedboats, they negotiated on 200 Naira instead of the regular 300 Naira entrance fee and after payment, they dispersed to different ends of the pure and pristine island in search for fun things to do. [READ: TOP 5 FUN ACTIVITIES AT TARKWA BAY BEACH]

Spending time at the beach is very affordable and it just goes further to teach that you don’t need to break the bank to have a fun filled day.


The Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the popular choice for ocean lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately, in the last “Tarkwa Bay” post, I didn’t mention any packing essentials.

Here’s a checklist of essentials to soak up the Beach vibe.

#1 Waterproof Beach Bag

It’s most likely that the boat doesn’t dock at the ocean banks, if this happens, you’ll be in contact with seawater.To avoid damage to valuables, clothing or gadget, carry a waterproof beach bag, not 10 Naira nylon. I repeat, a waterproof Beach bag that fits all your stuff.

#2 Cash

Atlantic Ocean overlooks Tarkwa Bay and for fun seekers, it’s not an expensive place to relax but sure, you’ll need good cash on you. The water sports equipment, edibles, souvenirs, chairs, tents and accommodation all come at a fee.

Money! Source – @adeyiinka

Here’s a breakdown of how much you need (prices are subject to change on peak seasons)

Boat Ride (from Marina) – 300 Naira
Entrance Fee – 300 Naira
Chair and Thatched Tent – 500 Naira
Horse Riding – between 500 to 1,000 Naira
Jaybee Beach Camp – between 20,000 to 40,000 Naira
L’Paradise Resort – 7,500 Naira for a night
Deckchairs and Tables – 3,000 Naira or more
Food and Drinks – 500 Naira or more
Batik, Wood Carvings and Sunglasses – 500 or more
Suya – 1,000 Naira or more
Swimsuit – varies depending on style and size

Safety Tip: Pack light to prevent theft, there are thugs at Tarkwa Bay. Also, ensure you do not overpay for any service and if possible, bargain before payments.

#3 Swimsuit

Go prepared with your swimming costume if you intend to swim at the Bay. There are no changing rooms so wear your swimsuit as part of your clothing.

Fun Fact: Tarkwa Bay’s waterfront is a lot calmer than most exposed coastlines around Lagos, it is ideal for families and safe for swimming.

#4 Water Sports Equipment

Surfboards, balls, frisbees and floating pads all come at a fee. Asides that, equipment aren’t always available at times.

Do not forget towels and sunscreen because you’ll need them to make your stay comfortable. Have fun!

#5 Food and Snacks

There’s no better way to put this so I’ll just go straight ahead, Go With Your Food, Snacks And Drinks!!! Michael scurried to ends of the beach in search of a proper meal, it took hours before he finally settled for “not so good” food.

Yam and Fish. Source – go2net

In case you plan on cutting expenses, packing your own food and drinks is a must. That’s the best way because vendors at the beach are few and may be expensive.


Tarkwa Bay was designed during the formation of Lagos island. The island is endowed with beautiful scenery, coconut and palm trees, creeks, rock formations and clean beach sand and it all comes alive by night.

Sunset. Source – sassyfunke

About four years ago, most visitors didn’t like to spend the night at the beach because it was a hideout for criminals, hot spot for hard drugs and a haven for sex crazed folks. In recent times, the island of sin has developed into a better image of privacy and exclusion – it offers serenity and protection to its upper class visitors.

Fun Fact: Tarkwa is the only beach in Lagos that is an island. It is interesting to know that many people live on the bay and there are schools and churches.

As the day turned to night, Michael witnessed the atmosphere of the beach become energetic and electrifying. The overnight beach stay was slowly evolving into a breather, it was an amazing escape that was sorely needed.

Since it was their first time spending the night in Tarkwa Bay, they departed from their lodge at exactly 7pm to experience nightlife. There were people gisting, dancing, eating and drinking, partying, having fun and watching the glowing embers from bonfire.

While Michael’s friends had other plans (*insert whatever emoji you like), he stopped over at a nearby club after many twists and turns. The music was loud and joy engulfed the air as people danced away. It was thrilling!

The Lagos millenials were grooving to the music and at some point, “shakku shakku” tunes enveloped the tropical horizon. One of Michael’s buddies made a move to dance with a married lady but after her husband gave a stern look, he retreated, the guy was probably H-I-G-H.

As it got darker around 1am, the night police patrolling the little island couldn’t disrupt efforts of night walkers, the cheap “oloshos” were in search of their next customers.

They returned to the YMCA lodge after much excitement while some of the buddies visited another club stuffed with foreigners. The music there was strictly oyinbo jams. [READ: 7 THINGS TOURISTS FIND STRANGE ABOUT NIGERIA]

In summary, day or night, Tarkwa Bay is a great example in showing a snippet of what Lagos state’s tourism could shape up to be if better development is put in place.


Michael at Eleko Beach

#1 Most of the speedboats are in very bad mechanical condition.

#2 The Beach is flanked by rocks which give a cosy air of seclusion. Also, the rocks block out the better view of the ocean.

#3 Stay away from Tarkwa Bay during the rainy season. That way, you won’t be facing sea storm while on the boat cruise.

#4 Make friends with the local elites so you can use their water sports equipment.

#5 The water isn’t as clear as the one at Elegunshi Beach.

Rocks and Boulders. Source – bidsingraceland


Michael is a graduate of Architecture from Bells University of Technology. He has a very chilled personality and loves music shows, latest movies, beaches, public attractions and shopping malls.

Keep in touch with him on Instagram!

Michael has lived in Lagos almost all his life, he dislikes beans, Real Madrid (for no good reason) and disrespectful people and likes chicken, Messi and Barcelona, dancing (honestly doesn’t know how to), rap music and women a lot!


The overnight stay at Tarkwa Bay Beach was indeed a mindblowing experience for him. The oasis is lined up with shorelines, shacks and bars for refreshing both the mind and body and it’s especially fun to visit if you go as a group.

The next morning around 11:00 hours, Michael and his friends retired to dry land and trust me, the boat ride was much worse. This time, they stopped periodically to avoid “little” storm waves.

Another few minutes into the journey, two nonchalant guys at the rear of the vehicle got into a fight. Apparently, the fellas had an argument and even threatened to exchange blows. The ride felt like Michael’s last.

Also read the previous TARKWA BAY article

Certainly, there was tranquility at Tarkwa Bay. Michael walked along the beach, got few snapshots, went partying, took a drink and enjoyed the views.

In his opinion, the island assures you a memorable experience but it isn’t worth all the hype. Simply put, it’s not the best in Lasgidi.

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Surfer’s Paradise. Source – jumia travel


Now, over to you!
Have you been to TARKWA BAY? Let me know in the comments below!


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