any fool can paint a picture, but it takes a wise man to be able to sell it.

If your ideal Art Gallery isn’t gigantic or overcrowded then Afolabi Art Gallery is the perfect catch for you. It’s portable and about the size of small shop but it holds many artworks ranging from beadwork, metalwork, wood carvings and paintings.

After a cold experience at Genesis Art Gallery, my friend and I visited Mama Susanne Wenger’s House and Ataoja of Osogbo Palace before making a big stop by Afolabi Art Gallery on Station Road.

“Can we have a look around,” I asked. The resident artist then gave a warm welcome before opening the doors to his newly renovated place. It was squeaky clean up to the ceiling with a glaring white coating. Afolabi Art Gallery also had a unique scent of wood chippings.

Mr Ade actually received a great part of his training on wood carving from Mr Yinka Fabayo, founder of Genesis Art Gallery. His wood works, just like Mr Fabayo’s, featured a characteristic and intertwined appearance and miniature wood carvings on display took two months from start-to-finish and another one week for polishing.

All the artworks in the gallery were crafted by two brothers, Mr Ade and Mr Afolabi who is based in either America or the United kingdom, I’ve forgotten which.

Asides the miniature wood carvings, artworks on display like the beadwork were crafted by Mr Ade, a beadwork specialist. He collects his beads from local sources before using an adhesive known as “Aradite” and each beadwork cost three thousand Naira or more.

On the other hand, Mr Afolabi, a more experienced wood carver, had bigger wood carvings in the gallery. Occasionally, some of his works were flown to foreign countries for exhibition.

“any mistake in art is a design.” – Mr Ade

Afolabi Art Gallery is certainly an interesting place on Station Road and it could be a landing place on your way to Susanne Wenger’s House or other destinations within the neighborhood. Also, check out these few places to inspire new ideas for your Art Gallery trotting many months to come…

Until next time, have a great week and stay healthy.


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