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So tell me – are you looking for where to see movies in Osogbo? Have you been told countless times that there are no “fun spots” in Osun’s capital city? Well, my friend you’re in luck! Because I’m going to be sharing with you how I stumbled on Dotbol Cinema!

Hello avid blog reader from anywhere in the world, as you know I always feel obliged to write about my travels and adventures even if they’re pockets of fantastic places splattered across Nigeria. And hey, Hello if you’re new here.

Heads up! If you’re only interested in my time at Dotbol Cinema, you can skip straight to the “how do I get to Dotbol Cinema” subhead.

My people how una dey? I don come again with another ogbonge tori on top Osogbo waka. I hope say una go gbedu this one because the kind work wey I put on top am, no be small...

This is special because I’m kinda celebrating “wazobia” on my blog and that’s why I kicked off with a speckle of Pidgin English – a common creole spoken in Edo state and many other parts of Nigeria.

Let’s get seriously underway…

How it all began

For me, October 1, 2019 was probably going to go down as my best Independence Day Celebration ever. I planned to attend rhythmic cultural dances, beautiful national anthem renditions and colourful parades happening in Osogbo, Osun state.

So first thing in the morning, my friend, Steve and I shared a quick okada ride to the stadium but we couldn’t thumbtack a single event anywhere. We looked and looked around, both at the Osogbo City Stadium and Freedom Park but could not find any action.

Osogbo was ‘officially’ not celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day. But why?! I was patriotically shocked.

Before calling it quits, I suggested to Steve that we try out a new cinema in the neighbourhood and he totally agreed. Next, I pulled out my phone and checked the Google Maps app for directions to Dotbol Cinema – an entertainment center a lady once recommended to me. And we were off on another adventure!

How do I get to Dotbol Cinema?

Thank goodness for Google Maps, Dotbol Cinema was crazy easy to locate.

Though a bit frustrated, Steve and I started a long walk to Dotbol Cinema from Osogbo GRA. We passed through Freedom Park and headed straight for the highway to Lagos, ignoring the two major paths leading to Station Road in the process.

Dotbol Cinema in Osogbo

Close to Nelson Mandela Park, we took a sharp left towards Funmi Hair Care and before long, I could hear the loud banging music from the cinema.

Alternatively, if you know Captain Cook Eatery, ask for directions to Fagbawesa Street and you’ll be at Dotbol Cinema in no time!

Where is Dotbol Cinema located?

Dotbol Cinema is located at 10, Fagbawesa Street, Off Station Road, Osogbo.

What should I expect In Dotbol Cinema?

On arrival, I noticed the security operatives working fulltime and a quite sufficient parking space. Again, there was a larger parking area behind the cinema.

Situated on the first floor of the Home Makers Mall, Dotbol Cinema is nearly impossible to miss because of its large banner which adorns the upper half of the building.

As Steve and I made it up the flight of stairs to the floor, a cute lady asked if we would like any form of refreshments or finger foods and she also inquired about the movie we came to see. It was a great and welcoming atmosphere to be honest.

I was gunning for Hobbs and Shaw but Steve said he’d already seen it plus, it was showing quite late, four p.m. and we didn’t exactly have all day. Another exciting movie on the catalogue was Crawl.

We settled in our chairs, anticipating the call time for Crawl and I had a conversation with a staff who was somewhat in charge of publicity. Apparently, Dotbol Cinema was relatively new and in search of potential movie-goers in Osogbo.

Is food served in Dotbol Cinema?


A delicious aroma filled the mini bar and restaurant’s atmosphere as people ordered smoothies, pastries, popcorn, asun, shawarma, cake, rice and swallow just over the counter.

Prices were affordable with most food and drinks costing less than 1,000 Naira. I had my own share and having some victuals is a great break when waiting for a movie.

Osogbo’s very first…

Did you know? Dotbol Cinema is the first of its kind in Osogbo, Osun state.

Back in Lagos, I was used to “grand cinemas” like Genesis Cinema at Maryland Mall and Silverbird Cinema at Ikeja City Mall among others. And in November of 2019, Osun Mall (Osogbo’s first Shopping Mall) opened its doors to spectators and shoppers. 

No doubt, Osun Mall is a lurking competition for Dotbol Cinema.

But to be fair, Dotbol Cinema is indeed a good start for the mid-bustling Osogbo city and I think that its management will continue to improve customer satisfaction with time.

Now Watching Crawl…

Harley suffers minor injuries after being attacked by a crocodile in the basement.
“Harley! Are you hurt?” Her dad asked.
“I’m fine dad, are you?”

Oh my, Crawl was absolutely worth the 1,000 Naira ticket, and watching Harley and her dad survive an apex predator with next to no weapon was completely sinister! Plus, the main screen is at least three metres wide so imagery was near perfect.

Other factors to enjoying the movie like a credible air conditioning and sound system made me realise that I didn’t have to travel far and wide to see a movie anymore.

Everything was here within my reach, in Osogboland.

Now, You Know…

…that your weekends in Osogbo besides visiting the Osun-Osogbo Grove or numerous art galleries in the capital city, can be much more interesting when you see a movie at Dotbol Cinema or whatever movie house springs up in the Osun Mall.

Are you hearing about Dotbol Cinema for the first time? Kindly tell me in the comments below!

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 Have a great and amazing week!

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow, I’ve successfully spent 3years in osun state and I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m very happy you got to know about Dotbol. Is there any upcoming Cinema in Osun Mall because I assumed there would be one?


      1. Yeah, something to look forward to while I go back. I’m not sure, I’m in Cross River currently so I wouldn’t know.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh thanks for the clarification. It could be a great addition to Osun’s entertainment space.


      3. Yeah, it actually would. I also think that they could do better with their roads, the towns don’t look like towns at all but I guess it’s a personal thing.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. linda says:

    thank goodness! I just arrived the city of Osogbo and I was fearful, because the city has no fun activity. I would make sure to try out the place and it is even close to my place of work. thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Linda, this comment made my day!
      Anyways, I think you should check them out. Other fun places you can see in Osogbo are Osun Mall, Finger Licking, Captain Cook and Osun-Osogbo Grove.


  3. so… what makes the place unique? Looks like a cosy, small cinema which is always a nice kind of place to see a movie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dotbol is very unique because it’s the first cinema in the city of Osogbo. Isn’t that quite amazing!


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