Hello cool readers from all over the world. As you know, I always feel obliged to write about my travel adventures even if it’s just small pockets of fantastic places splattered across Nigeria. And hey! Hello if you’re new to this Blog.

My people how una dey? I don come again with another ogbonge tori on top Osogbo waka. I hope say una go gbedu this one because the kind work wey I put on top am, no be small...

Today’s special because it’s “wazobia” day on ericotrips, it could be a yearly event… who knows? But anyways, that’s why I started out this article in pidgin english – a creole in many parts of Nigeria. Let’s get to the business of the day, shall we.

For me (rewind…), today was probably going to be one of my best Independence Day Celebrations ever. I planned to attend a Cultural Dance, Anthem Renditions and Recitations and the National Parade in the capital city of Osun state.

Most patriotic citizens know October 1st 1960 was very historic for Nigeria. It was the day we gained Independence and though the country’s now barely 60, its barraged her citizens with memories of military coups, civil wars, insurgents, political power tussle and the disregard of human rights.

Back to today’s top gist, like I said, I wanted to experience Osogbo city celebrate the Independence Day, but Steve and I couldn’t thumbtack a single occasion. We looked and looked, both at the Osogbo City Stadium and Freedom Park but could not find any action. The city wasn’t officially celebrating independence. Why?! I was patriotically shocked.

So before calling it quits, I suggested to Steve that we try out a new cinema in the neighbourhood which he agreed. I searched Google Maps for Dotbol Cinema – an entertainment hub a lady once described to me. And we were off to an adventure.


Dotbol Cinema is located at 10, Fagbawesa Street, Off Station Road, Osogbo. It’s pretty close to Captain Cook Eatery.

Getting There…

Thank goodness for Google Maps, it was easy to find Dotbol Cinema. A bit frustrated, we started a long walk to the venue, looking at the Map throughout the time. On arrival, I noticed the security operatives and a quite sufficient parking space. Dotbol Cinema already announced itself with loud music that engulfed the city air.

Indoors, a cute lady asked both of us if we’d like refreshments or finger foods and inquired about the movie we came to see. I was gunning for Hobbs and Shaw but Steve said he already watched it plus it was showing 4pm. The other interesting movie on the catalogue was Crawl. That I settled for. And Anticipated.

Food and Drinks…

A delicious aroma filled the mini bar/restaurant’s atmosphere as people ordered snacks or meals like smoothies, asun, shawarma, cake, rice and swallow just over the counter. The prices were mostly affordable below the 1k and it was good burnout while waiting for a movie.

Osogbo’s very first…

Did you know? Dotbol Cinema is the first of its kind in Osogbo city. Back in Lagos, I was used to “grand cinemas” like The Maryland Mall and Ikeja City Mall among others. And just recently, the Osun Mall (Osogbo’s first Shopping Mall) opened its doors to spectators and shoppers. No doubt, this is a lurking competition for Dotbol.

Anyways, Dotbol Cinema was a good start indeed for the mid-bustling Osogbo city.

Now Watching Crawl…

Harley suffers minor injuries after being attacked by a crocodile in the basement.
“Harley! Are you hurt?” Her dad asked.
“I’m fine dad, are you?”

The Movie was absolutely worth the 1k ticket, watching Harley and her dad survive an apex predator with next to no weapon was completely sinister. Plus, the screen was at least three metre long so good imagery. Other factors to enjoying the movie like a credible air conditioning and sound system made me realise that I didn’t have to travel far for a movie anymore.

Now, You Know…

…that your weekends in Osogbo don’t have to be all about visiting the Grove and other art galleries. I’ve been there, done that. It could be so much more and loads of fun if you see a movie at Dotbol Cinema or whatever Cinema springs up in Osun Mall. At least, there were no more boring weekends for me until I returned to Lagos city.

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Have a Great and Amazing week!


  1. thank goodness! I just arrived the city of Osogbo and I was fearful, because the city has no fun activity. I would make sure to try out the place and it is even close to my place of work. thank you!

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