Last Updated On October 18, 2020.

The MUSON Centre is truly a remarkable place for anyone to see. Everything from its tastefully designed auditoriums – Mobil Block, The Agip Recital Hall, The Multi-purpose Shell Nigeria Hall; iconic divisions – MUSON Choir, Symphony Orchestra, Festival and School of Music; and beautiful scenery made me feel like I was lost in the richness of our indigenous classical artistry.

In November of 2019 when I visited the MUSON Centre for the second time, I thought it was weird coincidence that this was the exact venue for a travel themed roundtable, the Nigeria Travel Week (NTW).

Anyway, hopping on a BRT in a rush to avoid Lagos traffic, I reminisced on the colourful stage play and thought a whole lot about the travel industry bigwigs who were attending the NTW too.

But wait! This isn’t particularly about “Oba Esugbayi” or “Harnessing Creative Potentials of Culture-Rich Destinations,” today I’m sharing what made me fall in love with the MUSON Centre (a.k.a. Musical Society of Nigeria) in the first place.

Here’s why you definitely should see the MUSON Centre. Trust me, you’ll love it when I’m through.

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Let’s get seriously underway.

1. Proximity to great places 

First off, the MUSON Centre is located in the same neighbourhood as the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) at 8/9, Marina Road, Onikan, Lagos Island.

In 2018 when I won two tickets to see Oba Esugbayi, courtesy of Maryland Mall, I thought it’ll be a hard place to locate especially with the ever busy crowd in the area.

In retrospect, it was really easy to find even without the use of Google Maps. And aside from it’s pristine location, MUSON is situated in close proximity to a great combination of places.

So maybe you arrive the venue way too early or you need a breather between breaks, some places to visit include the Lagos City Mall, Onikan Stadium, National Museum, KFC and TBS to mention a few.

Experience Onikan!

2. Greenery

MUSON Centre is a replica of the Aurora Conference Centre, it is so greeeeeeen and it features a nice lawn, some healthy shrubs, alike trees and a cardinal of alluring spaces blessed by Mother Gaea.

Sidewalks. Fountains. Beautiful Scenery. What more can you ask for?

The Landscape here is a therapeutic and colourful collage of greenness!

3. Parking in muson Centre

“…and I warn you stop serving food during announcement you will not hear word, please if you are the one that park this moto A1-237 you are blocking G-Wagon come and move your gallopin” – Falz

You know regular Lagos Events that shut down the city specifically because of difficult or inadequate parking spaces?

Well, MUSON Centre voids this major hitch with an impeccably sized car park thumbtacked across its premises.

In recent development, the Lagos State Government issued a statement saying that Event Centres expected to accommodate more than fifty vehicles would henceforth report to the State Traffic Agency – LASTMA.

And as serious as this gets, it’s about time!

MUSON is great for guests, family, friends and loved ones because there’s no need to bother yourself about where they’ll park. The gate lock also secures vehicles from all possible thefts.

So, you won’t ever be leaving here with a bad headache.

4. Security

Remember when I said you never have to worry about losing a thing? Heck, that’s absolutely true!

Imagine throwing a massive event with big names in the business and thinking of your guests safety all the time.

MUSON Centre offers you the peace of mind guaranteed for the big man or woman that you definitely are.

5. Interior of muson Centre 

One of the clearest signs of a world class theatre is the enormous chasm between the indoors and outdoors.

I’ve been sharing what I love about the MUSON Centre’s landscape and everything else so what happens inside?

Let me just begin by saying, it’s a beautiful thing.

Indoors, and I’m talking about the AGIP RECITAL HALL, there’s a spacious waiting room for guests and squeaky clean restrooms for convenience on the ground floor.

When a stage play, symposium, musical performance or ceremony is on, guests are invited up into the hall to witness splendor and it’s always a massive success.

Consisting of a bold stage and very comfy seats (you may sleep off), the hall is perfect for noise cancellation and acoustics.

Lighting in the civic auditorium is another detail the designers paid good attention to.

Again, MUSON Centre’s design makes it easy for the audience to evacuate the building because of a bi-entry point. It’s neat, echo-free and air conditioned.

You should be here. MUSON is excellent and I’m sure you’ll love it.

One Last Thing Before you Go…

Established in 1983, The MUSON Centre is famous for many prestigious events, it is a place you definitely should see while touring Lagos.

Plus, you want to visit when there’s something happening.

November 2019 made it my second time at MUSON Centre (the capital of theatre in the city of excellence), and I’m so glad I got the chance to also come through for the Nigeria Travel Week.

Have you been to the Muson centre? Please share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow me. ✌

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