I don’t really know what made the morning perfect. It didn’t rain but today was unlike any other since the beginning of my stay in Osogbo, the air was fantastic; the weather delightful; and my bed was enticingly warm. All I had to do now was enjoy my honey-heavy dew of slumber.

This Blogpost is specifically packaged for all Prospective National Youth Service Corpers. Wherever you are, it’s not enough to just serve. Explore your new village, town, city or suburb.

Best of the year to you!!!

The day was Sunday, 27th of October 2019. Exactly ninety six hours before completion of my National Youth Service Corps Program and basically, I was working on a YouTube VLOG the night before [Click to Watch my Paintballing video]

mans was in the zone…

I thought about meeting my new friend, Reggie. The last night, we had an amazing conversation on blogging and I was agog at her knowledge plus illustrious accent which I duly complemented. Anyways, that was enough happy thought for the freezing cold, I had to get out of bed immediately!

So it’s 6:30am and I’m up after a short prayer, I couldn’t even waste any time in the bathroom because the weather was starting to gloom. Before anyone could say Jack and Rose, I was in a korope on the way to Ede with my friends. All this, to honour an invitation.

Don’t know what Korope is? Read it here!

And Gbas Gbos Gbam, that’s exactly how the journey from Okefia to our destination kicked off… the bus was so rickety that I felt every single bump through my spine, this was definitely going down as one of my worst journeys ever.

Combing through the highway and journaling at the same time was a bit different from what I previously did, this new change specifically cut from Reggie’s piece-of-candy advise on content creation. Ever since, I’ve been writing in the moment. Now that’s a good check.

Like most Nigerians, I really want the government to fix up the roads. Thankfully, I could identify a bundle of attractions along the “gnashers,” such as; Adeleke High School, Baptist High School, Erinle Reservoir, Osun Water Corporation, the Timi of Ede Palace, a dysfunctional Cocoa Processing Plant and an Airport Facility lightyears from completion.

It would’ve been much better if I didn’t have to shield myself from hitting the side of the bus whenever we went up-and-down. “This thing na chair abi na plank,” Spiny Joe jested as the trip continued… at the time we were fast approaching Owode Ede, a few minutes from our destination.

My friends and I alighted the bus and almost instantly, there was an argument on whether it was better to ‘trek’ the remaining distance or hire another Korope. Imagine! Somewhere we hadn’t been to in the past. Trust, I won the argument and in no time, a fellow Corper approached the bus teasingly to give a warm welcome.

Minutes passed and by then, I began noticing that we weren’t the only invited guests. The house of worship was stuffed to the roof with other Corpers from different local government areas and divisions.

Remember, all this packaging was just to honour a “Corper Sunday” but was it worth it, now? Mostly yes! The sermon centred around the Spirit of Excellence (Daniel 6:3) and I so loved the hymns. Particularly this one…

Holy, Holy, Holy!
All the saints adore Thee,
Casting down their golden
crowns around the glassy seq;
Cherubim and Seraphim, falling
down before Thee
Who wert, and art, and evermore
shalt be.

The service lasted for another couple hours before we shared the Grace. My friends and I took photos and when the time came, we had group photos with other Corpers in the Church. After exchanging contacts and pleasantries, we began our long journey home. It was a fun day!

Everyone would have expected the journey to be hitchfree but apparently not… time, 11:28am and the sun was now out in full bloom. To escape the heat, we quickly biked to the next bus stop and the bike men, Tunji and gang actually deceived us! The distance was “trekkable” and instead of letting my friends and I know, they still picked us.

Anyways, the six of us, five guys and a lady soon filled up the next bus. And we were off in no time, this was just another variant of Gbas Gbos Gbam! The seats this time were highly uncomfortable and the exhaust pipe didn’t sound like it was supposed to, it gave off an annoying “brrrrrh” noise which made the thirty five minutes journey seem like forever.

I knew we were back in Osogbo when I first spotted Osun Secretariat and the Fingerlicking Restaurant much later. Because we didn’t plan well for the trip plus our invitees couldn’t help with a proper description our money was exhausted by now…

My bro, Sunday sounded like a comedian when he suggested we finish the journey on foot! I literally broke because it was about a kilometre away… “which kind stress be this one,” I thought at first. Well, it didn’t take long before we started the terrific 15-minute hike.

No one even waited to give us a lift and maybe that was a good thing, I took out my phone to add to my contributions on Google Maps. On top of that, I stopped by Ideal Nest for a comprehensive tour of the best Hotel in Osogbo. Thanks to their kind reception.

Although I could hardly get out of bed this morning, today rounded off as impeccably good. I was back home with my friends now and I was so happy I got to experience another cardinal of Osun state and once more, I saw the NYSC Orientation Camp.

In a couple of days, I’d have been out of Osun for good after finishing off NYSC. The constant electricity, somewhat good roads, great people, minimal traffic congestion, tourist destinations, I was going to leave all of it behind. How difficult?! Someone please get me an ukulele.


It took about 45 minutes but, I eventually fell into a fast sleep and slumber, which detained me in my comfy bed until it was almost midnight.

Photos From Komsabi and Twitter


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