Sometime last year, my gorgeous friend, Oma had a thrilling beachward adventure in the bogus City of Lagos, I was opportune to have her share her awesome experience with me but before she’s officially given the mic in this super collaborative blogpost, I’ll like to do a little opening.

Lagos state, alias Èkó, Lasgidi, city of hustle and bustle is home to a great combination of beaches sprinkled along its coastlines. It is a perfect destination for ocean lovers and vacationers and with more than seventeen private and public beaches sprinkled all over this great city, I guess you can say Lagos is the “beach capital” of Nigeria.

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The Barracuda Beach Resort is situated in the affluent Lekki neighborhood, it is one of the best private beaches in Èkó and it is the perfect cushion from the expectant city life. Located at Okun-Mapo Village, Off Ogbomo Road, Ajah, Lagos the beach’s serenity makes it the perfect escape for foreigners and locals.

Allo, this is Oma speaking…

In preparation for the Barracuda Birthday Bash, I left Osogbo by 2:00 PM and arrived Ajah in Lagos late at night, 10:00 PM to be precise. My friend, Grace the celebrant kinda advised me not to commence the journey that late, it was however an eye opener because I got to see people living under bridges. Again, the traffic congestion in Ajah was so annoying that I felt like crying.

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On arrival, Grace jokingly laughed at me and she kept hammering on her earlier advise. The celebration was the nextweek but here’s the cutting gist, it was my first time in Lasgidi so in the following days I went sightseeing and also had a sumptuous icecream cone at Palms Mall, Lekki. Yummy! I just love Lagos city vibes.

On the d-day, Saturday that is, we combined efforts with our queen to prepare for the big celebration. We were two guys (her husband included) and three girls in all, not a big crowd you’d think, together we cooked different delicacies, fried chicken and bought some drinks.

Later that day, we shut down Barracuda Beach Resort. Haha! Each of us was supposed to pay an entry fee of 1,500 Naira but we got lucky with a small discount. We paid the price for just four persons instead of five, 6,000 Naira only. See Awoof!

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As the gbedu start to enter body, we bought extra drinks and included the indigenous palm wine, so delicious. You see, what I loved most about Barracuda Beach was its neatness, it wasn’t so crowded like the Oniru Private Beach, you can say scanty if that’s the word. I just like how people were just minding their business, partying and wearing cool bikinis. It felt like a dream, really.

Oma and the Birthday Celebrant, Grace!

Trust me na, I went in search of some culinary adventure so I pampered my taste buds with suya! I also rode a horse alone, another first and at the edge of the beach, very close to the shore we took some cool pics and I had the chance to meet a couple strangers. It was a good experience but all this could have been ruined by the annoying uber dude who brought my friends and I here, his name was Kunle, this Kunle of a man took a longer route and drove slowly from Grace’s place at Ajah to the beach so the fare would be higher. Not cool Kunle.

Fun Things To Do At Barracuda Beach Resort

1. Horseback Riding
2. Play Football, Basketball or Volleyball
3. Hit the Swimming Pool
4. Eat Colourful Meals
5. Book a Stay at Barracuda (price range: 22,000 – 44,000 Naira)

After the merriment at Barracuda, the party continued as we hit a bar by 7:00 PM, I’ve forgotten the name now. At the bar, something funny happened, there was an irresponsible father with his son dancing on a stage to get some cash. It was even funnier when they danced to our seats, the small boy’s head was so big and shiny plus he had no shirt on, if you were there with us you could’ve laughed. I suspect someone in our clique may have given them cash.

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By now, we’ve been at the club for a couple hours and can I just say, Lagos nightlife is so unique! Can you believe we stayed at the club until 1:00 AM the next day?!

All through, I like how Grace’s husband, Sammy was there during the celebration. She had fun, I did, we all did and I won’t change anything that happened that memorable evening including the annoying uber dude.

About Contributor

Oma (@oma_doe on Instagram) would definitely like to visit more beaches in Lagos, she is an easygoing lady, fun to be with and she’s fond of exploration, shopping, vacation, taking pictures, hanging out with friends and trying out new things though she never tasted Ewedu and Amala during her time in Osogbo. She is a huge fan of “love music” from Ed Sheeran, James Arthur and Tatiana M and she currently speaks a little bit of deutch!

Oma is also a proud fashion designer, picking up sewing as a passion during her National Youth Service Program in Osogbo, capital city of Osun state, she founded Oma Stitches (@oma__stitches on Instagram) and has been running with it ever since! Curbing up clients from the male and female folk, she’s popular for her efficiency, creativity and quality services. Why not send a DM to Oma Stitches to transform your lovely fabrics? A trial will convince you.

In other news…

I did a funny writeup (maybe) on the popular Computer village located in Ikeja, Lagos. It’s arguably the largest technology hub in Sub-saharan Africa. Okay but try to understand this, I published it a week ago but forgot to switch on comments. Argh!

I lost a lot of first time commenters but in case you’d like to share your thoughts kindly see – The Typical Lagosian’s Guide to Computer Village. Thanks for understanding my ‘carelessness.’

Again, if you’d like to see more of beach posts or collaborations you can send me an email – ericotrips@gmail.com

What do you think of Oma’s friends and the birthday bash? Do you like Barracuda Beach? These and more is what I’d like to know in the comments below.

Thanks for the story Oma and thanks to you in front of your screen for reading this article.

Have an amazing week everyone!

Photos from Oma, Jumia and TheFisayo


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