The National Stadium, Nigeria

ericotrips® is a community, a group of individuals that set out to rekindle the dying flame of the travelling niche.

Our collections cut across a good dose of fiction stories, architecture digest, motivation and street photography just to make things more fun.

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Our Story


As I embarked on this journey I looked out the window and observed minimal details. Motorists were speeding to their destinations, traders displayed their merchandise and cajoled us to purchase items, quarrels ensued between police and bus drivers and touts chanted names of destinations in diluted accents.
Life in Lagos in recent times has been filled with woes and joy, it all suddenly began to make perfect sense.
I started sharing my adventures in snippets and ericotrips was born when a good friend inspired me to start a blog.
Today I share my expeditions and that of others with the world. – Eromonsele Emmanuel, Founder and CEO, ericotrips®

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