about ericotrips

Beginning in late 2018, ericotrips kicked off as a platform for reviewing transportation options through honest write-ups and firsthand experiences. Afterwards, it migrated to Nigerian interstate travel and public transit comparison across states in the Federation. Particularly Southwest.

Before clocking a year, ericotrips established a reputation for art galleries, museums, cultural centres and monuments, fun spots, beaches and many more popular destination reviews. With a confidence that travel and tourism happens right at our backyard – Nigeria, the strength of the brand lies in arousing the interest of tourists and residents alike to explore the fatherland.

about me

Hiya friend! Eromonsele Emmanuel Oigiagbe here and I’m super-powered to meet ya. So, I’m a Nigerian travel blogger as you can tell from this website’s tagline and I’ve been churning out a few articles monthly for a couple of years now.

I am currently based in Lagos, a city in southwestern Nigeria known for its bustling lifestyle and nightmarish traffic congestion but, as always, there’s plenty to see, explore and enjoy in this thriving landscape from the beautiful beaches, mega resorts, entertainment hubs, sumptuous meals, budding skylines to mindblowing art sceneries.

My interest to explore my “backyard” was birthed from an internship program which involved me doing a whole lotta work around Lagos. It was fun discovering popular and never-before-seen places and when I had the chance, I scribbled snippets or fun facts for my friends to read… now, it’s not a long story but if you’d like to learn more about my trips and travel blog journey, check out this interview.

Ha! Some of my hobbies include surfing my favourite blogs, watching documentaries and car videos on YouTube (I love drifting vids like donuts 😉), writing travel guides, making new friends and exploring places across Nigeria.

You can reach me on my social accounts.

Submit your ideas, questions and collaborations to my Contact page or send a text to my personal WhatsApp number if it’s something you really wanna talk about right now.

Thank you and have a great day!