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Photo Essay

Kalsi DryCo, Nigerite Head Office

Dry Construction

In a country where wet or traditional construction methodology is the order of the day, Nigerite took a bold step to pioneer Dry Construction (DryCo).
Although expensive and specialists are limited, the methodology doesn’t involve the use of water. It is fast and ensures minimal waste.
Perception of this process in Nigeria is apparently low, campaigns and seminars have been organised by the company to encourage clients.
The position Nigerite holds in the building industry is undisputed, this experience centre at their head office is a testament of what is achievable with DryCo.

WAEC Building

Multicoloured Aluminium Composite Boards

Aluco boards are used heavily across Nigeria, in a way it is also a DryCo methodology. They can be seen on public, religious, institutional buildings and sometimes on kiosk.
The WAEC office building features diverse use of this material on its facade, the choice of colours makes it a little interesting and an object of focus in the busy area.
The rectilinear building stands out indeed.

Zenith Bank

Symbolism Architecture

One thing makes banks stand out in Nigeria, their architecture design.
Each one of them take a unique approach that involves colour schemes, facade, materials and styles.
Zenith Bank as seen in the image above utilises white aluminium composite boards on the facade, a simple design and somewhat boring, it makes it easy for you to spot branches anywhere.
Another is Guarantee Trust Bank (not shown), this bank applies materials such as steel and glass to achieve a futuristic look, the approach is a little different as none of their buildings resemble, dominant colors- orange and grey bind them together. Modernism is the trademark of this bank.

UAC Office

Vertical fins

This facade of UAC office adds beauty to the Marina skyline, the curvy highrise building is endowed with reinforced concrete fins that improve aesthetics, complement air circulation and provide shading whenever the sun comes up.
The architect paid special attention to a sustainable design.

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