Danfo Bus on Mobolaji Bank way
Enter with your 50 naira change – anonymous

Yellow commercial buses dubbed “danfo” are visible on every inch of Lagos’ volatile landscape. They are usually Volkswagen Transporters (van) fitted with steel frames and wooden planks for seats.

Journeys in them can be memorable still it’s always a bumpy ride.

Here are 5 things you should know about danfo bus.

1. The conductors and drivers are not good listeners

You probably told the conductor your destination before boarding. The bus is set in motion and you suddenly find yourself at Fadeyi instead of Onipanu.

To avoid this practice, learn to say “owa” when you reach your stop, be attentive.

I heard an Indian say this once, it was hilarious.

Boarding a Danfo Bus at Agric Bus Stop. Ikorodu Road
Boarding a Danfo Bus at Agric Bus Stop, along Ikorodu Road

2. There can be fights

If you’re on the go and notice some men harassing the driver, remain calm. They are “agberos” that need to wet their beaks. In few cases when the drivers or conductors don’t meet their requests, the touts remove the bus wipers, side mirrors or whatever they lay their hands on.

This can lead to small and sometimes big fights.

Danfo Buses at Ikorodu Garage-ericotrips
Buses close to Ikorodu Garage

3. The drivers know multiple routes

Each danfo driver knows at least three ways to get anywhere in Lagos. Perhaps, you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment and wonder if this is a kidnap operation.

Don’t bother, they are only on the fastest route. You don’t have to take my word for it, if still in doubt ask the person next to you.

4. You must be vigilant

It’s not safe to sleep, be alert! Valuables get stolen in the buses frequently. If you notice any funny movements in your pockets exercise caution and ensure your bags are within eye view.

Note: You should be vigilant but don’t be a snub, Lagosians are very friendly people and one might start a conversation. If you’re not interested, maturely dismiss the topic.

5. Enjoy the journey

Try avoiding anything that will certainly upset you. Don’t fight with the conductor, he can ruin your day.

If anyone tries to intimidate you, show your “street” side. Other than that, keep it moving.

Also, you’re no peace advocate, if you see people hauling insults at each other don’t interfere. Entertain yourself because it could be the day’s work talking.

Danfo Bus Owo Mi Da
Owo Mi Dah

Did you know that danfo drivers behave differently when they cross from the mainland to the island?

They suddenly obey traffic rules, stop at designated bus stops and are polite.

Think I forgot anything? Feel free to add yours in the comment section.


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