Wetin una come do for here! You no see say the people no dey again. Oya bring money for those pictures!!” The shabbily dressed man said unapologetically.

On my Twitter Feed, I made mention of a street photographer’s guide for creating content within Nigeria. It’s supposed to help anyone take care of encounters like the one I had at the Gallery. As I write this, it’s very unsettling that many Nigerians still think street photography is foreign.

Anyways, I stumbled on Genesis Art Gallery, Station Road while surfing Google Maps and I thought it won’t be a bad place for a visit, fact been that I was at the Main Gallery/Headquarters earlier this year.

Here’s an EXCERPT.

“I was astounded by legion of wood carvings on the ground floor of the 3-floor complex…

…It takes months, sometimes a year or more, this is not an art that is rushed. That’s wood carving for you. I stared with rapt attention as the tour guide described this craft, one thing remained astonishing to me, the details and precision.”


This particular Art Gallery on Station Road is presumed to be the first of its kind. At the moment there are only two galleries (Afolabi Art Gallery et Nirep Centre for Art and Culture) in the same vicinity so there’s usually competition for who deserves the title but nevertheless, it’s a big achievement indeed for Mr Yinka Fabayo, founder of Genesis Art Gallery.

Getting there, first thing my friend and I noticed was the sculpture of a yoruba deity. Also, balustrades and columns were made from skillfully crafted wood carvings and the works were definitely gorgeous irresistable awesome amazing alluring refreshing. Perhaps, it was simply nostalgia.

Even though they’ve closed, my friend and I decided to make the best of the day by snagging some photos with the deity. That’s exactly when the infuriated man let loose a stream of bad words.

Whatever he said didn’t move me because this fella wasn’t up to half of the FRSC Officer (get the full gist) that interrogated me for taking photos at Lagos-Ogun border months ago. Shortly after my friend was aware of the situation came into the picture, he resolved the issue the issue was resolved without paying a dime! Surprisingly, the tout was helpful in describing pointing us to another Art Gallery.

Yoruba Deity at the entrance of Genesis Art Gallery, Station Road


From the Article, you’ll come to the realisation that there are two “Genesis Art Gallery” locations in Osogbo. One at Ote Efun and another at Station Road.

Here’s why you should visit either of them.

#1. Discover the origins of Genesis Art Gallery as a craft shop before the Headquarters was built.

#2. The Headquarters exhibit is the second largest Art Gallery in South Western Nigeria.

#3. Genesis Art Gallery is the Best Wood Carving Gallery in Osogbo.

#4. The institution exhibits works of art from several indigenous Nigerian artists.

#5. Just like Nike Art, Genesis Art Gallery is one of the forerunners of Osogbo Arts and Culture.

Interior of Genesis Art Gallery Headquarters

#6. Genesis Art Gallery has an important history of been the First Art Gallery on Station Road.

#7. The Headquarters was commissioned by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Executive Governor of Osun state at the time and other esteemed figures.

#8. Genesis Art Gallery inventory is beautifully arranged and organised.

#9. The institution exhibits a large collection of artworks ranging from pencil sketches, batiks, metal sculptures, aluminium repousse, print making, paintings with mixed media, wood carvings and furniture.

#10. An interesting painting technique known as colour separation where outlines are designed on a computer software and printed on canvas is one of its collections.

The “Genesis” of Genesis Art Gallery

#11. Genesis Art Gallery has had exhibitions all around the world including United Kingdom, Brasil, Ghana, Germany and Equitora Guniea.

#12. The Headquarters was built out of love and passion for African arts, culture and people.

#13. You can sign up for wood carving classes and learn from the master himself, Mr Yinka Fabayo.

The building’s facade is made of specially patterned clay tiles which is absolutely amazing!

Access Road to the former craft shop on Station Road

There you have it readers! My #13ReasonsWhy If you have interest in visiting Nigerian Art Galleries you should check out the following blogposts.

Today, Genesis Art Gallery is recognized as one of the major tourist destinations in Osogbo, Osun State, a town rich in artistic history and culture. It has enjoyed an influx of tourists that admire African Arts so if you ever find yourself in the “land of virtue” be sure you visit.

Art is an experience not an object.

Thanks for sticking around and please comment of you’ve been harrassed for street photography or visited any Art Galleries within Nigeria.

See You Soon!


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